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"History has shown us that courage can be contagious, and hope can take on a life of its own." - Michelle Obama
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Leadership Academy

Black Thrive is developing a Leadership Academy that will take a cohort of Black Leaders, provide them with training on leadership and systems thinking, equip them with evidence and tools, support them with coaching, mentoring and ongoing support to ensure they have maximum impact on the systems they work in. This support will be rooted in a robust understanding of how systemic racism and structural inequities manifest. We want leadership that is anti-racist, gender equity oriented, intersectional and feminist and which centres the lived experience of racism.

We envision this course to be rolled out in later on in the year. More information to come as the Leadership Academy curriculum is developed.

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Black Connections Book

The Black Connections Book is a tool being developed by Black Thrive that will map the network of organisations and individuals in Lambeth, Haringey and Birmingham that focus on Black equity to expand connectivity and share knowledge that can impact systems change at community, institutions and systems level.

The Black Connections Book will be designed to be a directory that links to a network map that can be used to support the coordination and delivery of map members. Training will be offered to Black individuals and Black-led organisations who wish to gain access to the network map for support with day-to-day activity. More information on the Black Connections Book is coming soon.